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Are you a parent with a young child under 5? Maybe an aunt, uncle or grandparent? This e-book was made with you in mind.


As a parent myself I know how time consuming taking care of a little one can be. There's barely enough time to have a decent shower let alone read all the literature out there on child raising. 

That's why I put together this practical and concise workbook just for you!



What are you getting?

  • The workbook consists of practical tips that work with young children under the age of 5. 
  • Each tip is rooted in the principles of Positive Parenting which are based on mutual respect for everyone in the family and being age appropriate
  • Each section reflects on why young children may act out or behave in a challenging way followed by relevant Positive Parenting tools, an explanation on whywhen and how to use this tip and finally examples from everyday situations showing practical use of the tip.
  • Finally, at the end of the workbook I've included a thorough example of how to put all the tips together showing you how to maximize your use of these practical tips.


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How do I know my stuff?

I'm a Parenting Coach with a focus on Positive Parenting for families with young children. I have a MSc. in Child and Family studies and am certified as a Positive Discipline coach and Early Childhood Educator. You can visit my website here.



This workbook is scheduled to be available in the Spring/Summer of 2016! 


Happy parenting!





This e-book is downloadable on Android, Apple and PC. 

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